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František Bartoš



In the body flows energy. Without energy, the body would be dead. The main part of the energy we receive when we are conceived. Then, during our life, we receive energy from food and air. If our lifestyle is not proper, the energy flow blocks. In some parts of the body energy accumulates and in the others it is missing. The wrong energy flow causes physical and psychological diseases.


Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. With fingers and palm we can harmonize the energy flow and activate self-healing processes in the body. It's nothing new. A type of acupressure is practiced among people eternally. When some problem occurs in our body, our first reaction is that we warm up or rub the problematic place with our hands. This therapeutic method has been developing from the instinctive treatments for hundreds of years. The professionalization of acupressure occurred in Japan in the 20th century. Currently, the Japanese Ministry of Health qualifies shiatsu as a healing method and defines it as a form of manual therapy that primarily by thumbs, fingers and palms corrects erroneous internal bodily function, promotes health and eliminates certain diseases. In 1997 shiatsu was accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a full alternative health care.


If we want to heal the body, first of all we need to solve the cause of the disease. In Western medicine we focus just on elimination of symptoms (pain, fever, etc.) and we do not deal with real source of the situation. In Eastern medicine we go to the roots of the disease, which often has psychological or spiritual origin. Shiatsu is characterized by a holistic approach, which means that the physical and mental is not distinguished here. They are just two manifestations of the same thing.


Shiatsu itself does not cure; it only starts the self-healing processes in the body. Shiatsu connects us with our body, which leads us into the themes that need to be changed and purified in our life. This change returns us into balance and health. The body has enormous power and has all the necessary tools to achieve balance and health on its own. It is up to us if we join the self-healing journey that shiatsu mediates.

Shiatsu is often confused with a massage. In fact it is rather treatment or therapy. Classical (sport) massage works primarily with blood circulation in the muscle tissue, while shiatsu affects the functioning of the whole body, ie. functioning of the skin, muscles, nerves, bones, blood and lymphatic system. Another obvious difference is that shiatsu takes place on the ground (futon) and the patient has his/her clothes on.


During shiatsu treatment the patient and the therapist do not almost talk, which distinguish it from classic psychotherapy. We get to both physical and mental problems through the body, not words. The body is not bluffing and hiding anything unlike the mind. The body represents the truth and we can get to the truth thanks to shiatsu. By omitting the mind, we can get into the source of the problem in relatively short time. The client discovers the source of the problem on his/her own. The therapist is there only as a guide and support in difficult milestones on his/her path.



In general shiatsu improves the functioning of all internal organs, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, balances the nervous and hormonal system, speeds healing, increases energy and sports performance.


By shiatsu we can solve specific problems, such as: anxiety, asthma, abdominal pain, back pain, burnout at work, carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation, depression, diabetes, headache, high/low blood pressure, fears, frozen shoulder, chest pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of confidence, lack of will, neck pain, sciatica, skin problems, insomnia, osteoarthritis, PMS / menstrual problems, rheumatism, sadness, stress,  urinary tract and more ...


However, exact categorization and labelling of the problem, is not important in shiatsu. In shiatsu treatment we focus on general state of the patient and not on the disease. The disease is a result, resp. physical manifestation of imbalance. Recovering the energy flow and solving the cause of the problem subsequently results into cure of the disease. Furthermore, shiatsu has no side effects comparing to drugs.


Shiatsu is not just a technique for prevention or treatment of mental and physical illness. It is also an excellent way of self-development and can be an assistant in our spiritual journey.



Each meeting consists of a short introductory conversation, treatment and final relaxation. The whole meeting takes 90 minutes; the acupressure itself takes about an hour. Diagnostic runs simultaneously with treatment. In Shiatsu we do not need any devices, just therapist´s hands.


Shiatsu takes place in a room on a mattress (futon) placed on the floor. The client stays in clothes. It is recommended to bring clothes with you to change, ideally long pants, long-sleeved shirt and socks. Everything should be comfortable, made by cotton, without zippers and buttons. For women it is suitable to wear sports bra or no bra during the treatment (this is a recommendation, not a requirement).


According to the Eastern medicine the disease causes blocked energy flow. By releasing the energy flow we often also liberate emotions. During the treatment people sometimes realize their current state of the body (eg. fatigue, anger, sadness, etc.). These feelings and states are not results of treatment. The feelings have been already in the body for a long time and during the treatment they just become conscious. Furthermore, the described symptoms are temporary and usually disappear within few hours or several days. In the long run, shiatsu improves the mental and physical health.


It is recommended to have a rest after treatment. Shiatsu starts the self-healing process in the body and it is good to give it certain space.



FRANTIŠEK BARTOŠ. I studied sociology, focusing on social psychology (PhDr., Ph.D.). For many years I worked in social research, published in international scientific journals and I also lectured at the university. I was professionally successful and fulfilled. However my way of life veered into a different direction.


Whole life I like to explore the world by touching. In my free time I do clay modelling for many years. In 2013 I accepted the offer to go to Israel to make garden sculptures. When building the statues, I found out that my client, Ariel Leventhal, was Zen shiatsu teacher. Till then I knew nothing about shiatsu, but Ariel had the feeling that he should teach me this technique. From the beginning I was impressed with the effects of this technique and I fell in love with it. Unconsciously, I started my acupressure journey in these days.

When I returned from Israel to the Czech Republic, I found a professional course in Darja Shiatsu School which I passed. I also travelled to Japan. Here I studied shiatsu at Susumu Kimura - colleague of Shizuto Masunaga (founder of Zen shiatsu). 

Gradually I canged  my original profession and now I am only practicing shiatsu. 


I keep on developing my skills and knowledge in this art. Mainly through the daily practice of shiatsu and through breathing exercises and meditation. As myvery important teachers I consider Chogjal Namkhai Norbu, Satya Narayan Goenka and Susumu Kimura. With all my heart, I am grateful for their guidance.

I speak Czech, English and Spanish. In these languages the​​ treatment can be done.




Practice any technique that will help you to purify your mind continuously

"...The ability to control mind, body and speech makes humans different from animals. Only when you can manage your mind, you will be able to manage your speech and your actions. And this is actually the only way how to manage your destiny. Just as our body is accompanied by a shadow, our thoughts create our lives, our health and our destiny... "



The thyroid gland is less painfull

I have had heart and thyroid gland problems for couple of years. The treatment done by František helped me very quickly. The thyroid gland is less painful after every treatment. Also my heart has begun to open more (and it hurts less). I feel more love and trust for myself. František is able to connect perfectly and goes into the core of the problem very fast. The most important for me is that he does not leave me alone with the emotions that come out during the treatment. During the whole treatment I feel his presence, caring and gentleness. I feel protected. 

Agha, 38 years



The entire meeting lasts 90 minutes and consists of a short introductory conversation, treatment and final relaxation. The treatment itself takes about an hour.


One meeting costs: 1 500 Kč

The total number of meetings is difficult to determine. For prevention, it is good to go for treatment whenever you feel that the equilibrium is disappearing from your life. If you want to achieve deeper changes and solve existing physical or mental problems, it is necessary to count with a series of treatments (approximately 5-8).

Break between treatments should be at least a week and up to one month.


Reserved treatment can be canceled maximally 24 hours before the treatment. A client who cancels a term later or not at all, will get new term only if he/she pays the canceled meeting.



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The easiest way how to contact me is using an e-mail.



M: (+420) 779 990 330

Panská 1, Praha 1 (2nd floor)

The nearest public transport stop is Můstek (metro A). The car you can park in the shopping center that is near.

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